P.F. Chang's Offers Delicious New Kids Menu!

(Our family at P.F. Chang's!)

I've always thought of P.F. Chang's as more of a "grown up" eating place. After all, it's where hubby and I used to eat out for a romantic dinner. So when we recently had the chance to try the new kids menus, I was at a loss! Would my picky eaters like it?

Here are the highlights from the new menu:

  • Kids Chicken - a bunch of crispy friend chicken fingers with tasty dipping sauces (These went over VERY well with all of us!)
  • Kids Lo Mein - very garlicky.. these were delicious noodles with a bit of chicken mixed in. (We also found ourselves getting every little noodle off the plates!)
  • Kids Chicken Fried Rice - what you would expect with a high-quality fried rice, minus the veggies (My youngest found this to be his favorite.)
  • Baby Buddha's Feast - Stir-fried or steamed fresh veggies.. and nothing else. (Surprisingly a tasty vegetarian option or a wonderful side dish.)
The items, which start as low as a few bucks, are a great way to introduce the little diners to some tasty asian cuisine. I thought that the portions were right-sized for a kid under age 8, but my 11-year-old needed a few plates to fill up. Also, if your kid wants chicken AND rice, you'll need to order both plates (each kids plate has only one item.) Because we have 4 in our family, we ordered one of each, and shared an authentic family-style dining event. So much fun!

If you are considering burgers and fries for your next family night out, I encourage you to think fresher and bolder with the kids menu options at P.F. Chang's. The wait staff was super-friendly to my kids, and they made us feel very welcome. (Which is good.. because I'm sure we left our share of fried rice on the floor.)

See the entire menu of offerings at P.F. Chang's website!

*We received a dining experience for this review.