Review of Baby’s First Word Stories on DVD

We’ve all heard the argument on whether young kids need to watch TV. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes welcome the calm entertainment that comes from letting my toddlers have a bit of TV time, and when I can provide them with educational programming, it gives me even more confidence that it won’t hurt them.

My youngest son really has had a hard time talking. He tries, but is not especially motivated to learn new words, as his older brothers choose to “translate” for him. When we recently tried the Baby’s First Word Stories DVD from So Smart! Productions, it turned out to be a big step forward in his speech development. Here’s what we loved about it:

The DVD series, designed for kids age 1-3, features characters Edward, Iggy, Dee Dee, and Larry – animal friends that speak and act like kids in situations that little ones find themselves in every day. (A story about a bath, for instance, showed a character getting dirty, then having to play in bubbles to get clean.) Sentences are simple but clear, and spoken by adults (which is important to me, since I don’t want my kids learning baby talk.) Words are also repeated, so within a few minutes of watching, my son was clearly saying things like “bubbles” and “house.” It was fun to watch him engaged in the video and feeling good about his verbal accomplishments.

I’m excited to see the future developments from the series. With a total of six 30-minute videos in the series, it will provide parents with unique tools for relaxing and learning. To see more about what the company who developed this has to offer, visit

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