Review of Little Debbie Muffins and 100 Calorie Snacks

What does smart eating and a whole bunch of yummy baked goods have in common? At first glance, maybe nothing, but I’ve always been a firm believer in enjoying life and living in moderation… so, if I want to eat a snack cake, I will. I just make sure that it’s a reasonable portion.

Little Debbie has made snacking a bit more delicious and smart, with their new 100 Calorie Snacks. In flavors like Lemon, Cookies and Crème, Chocolate, and Yellow, you can pick a cake for every mood, and be OK with only consuming 100 calories. These snacks are little – much smaller than what I thought they would be. However, they are very, very sweet! I couldn’t eat all the frosting on my lemon cake.

Little Debbie also offers some wonderful muffins for those who want to do a bit more splurging. I adored these moist and fresh-tasting, shelf-ready muffins. The lemon and cranberry orange were an indulgent treat with tea or coffee, and I could see them as a nice addition to an afternoon party. Note that these muffins are not 100 calories, but that’s probably why they were so amazing :)

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*Sample was provided for this review.