Review of Sid the Science Kid DVDs: "Change Happens” and “The Bug Club

We love Sid the Science Kid! As a homeschooling Mom, I'm always busy, so it pleases me VERY much when I can combine some quick entertainment and real learning. (We've reviewed Sid before. Read here for more details.)

The newest bunch of DVD's from the Sid family include "Change Happens" and "The Bug Club." While I had no problem getting my 3 boys (ages 6, 4, and 2) involved in the bug one -- they love anything with wings, legs, or scales -- I was also happy to see how well they took to the "Change Happens" video! In addition to learning basic science principles from their friend Sid, they got a chance to sing, dance, and laugh. What better way to absorb some scientific principles?

Episodes include:

Change Happens DVD: Change Happens, My Mushy Banana, My Shrinking Shoes, My Ice Pops, The Perfect Pancake

The Bug Club DVD: The Bug Club, Hello Doggie, Home Tweet Home, The Dirt on Dirt, Don't Forget the Leaves

(Note: Only specially-marked packages contain the following bonus.) Perhaps the coolest thing about these DVDs, however, is the BONUS Front Row Fun disc they come with. Yes, you heard me --- BONUS! I love free stuff, so seeing that the specially-marked DVDs each included a sampling of some of my kids other favorite shows (including Dive Olly Dive, Hopla, Hermie and Friends, and Word World), really made my day. The full-length episodes are valued at $14.99 on their own!

If you love Sid, you'll really enjoy watching these videos with your kids :) Distributed by NCircle Entertainment, they are available in stores and at for around $10 - $15.

Learn more about Sid (plus get some free activities) at

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