Gettin' Our Lab On!

Our kids LOVE science! We live on a farm, so just hanging out and looking at a bug or two is the highlight of our day, and we seem to learn so much more from the natural world around us than from our homeschool textbooks.

Team Mom recently helped to inspire our science lesson with some new science kits from Elmers: Mythbusters Weird World of Water Kit and Magnificent Manicure Kit.First, my boys get a kick out of Mythbusters. They've never watched it (we don't have cable), but they are totally aware of what it is from commercials, and newspaper ads, and listening to their cousins talk about it. When we opened the box with the Mythbusters kit, the boys went WILD! (Crazy. Insane.) They saw that it was all about building a water rocket, and it was the first thing on our list to tackle. Other fun lessons in this kit include: power of whirlpools, liquid rainbows, and more!

My daughter isn't the most girly girl, but she is curious. And when she had an opportunity to use the Magnificent Manicure Kit to create some fun spa products AND learn fun facts about her fingernails, I knew that this was a match made in heaven. (She loves to tinker.. and this definitely was a tinkering kind of kit.) Lessons are mostly hygiene, anatomy, and health related.

We only have one downside to these other wonderful sets -- if you have more than one kid (like we do) you might want to pick up a couple kits. The supplies are usually good for one try at each experiment, and if everyone wants a turn at mixing, you'll need to have a few sets.

You don't have to homeschool to enjoy science kits at home. (Just look at me -- I was public schooled and the year that all my cousins got baby dolls, I got a 200-piece chemistry kit. I used that thing daily until all my test tubes broke.) If you have kids that love to learn, but might need a little creative staging, check out these kits from Elmers.

Visit Elmers at their website ( to learn more.

*Thank you to Team Mom for providing us with a sample for our review.