Got Colic?

I've been pretty lucky with all my kids. Out of the four babies I've raised, colic was only really an issue with one (my first), and I was so young and inexperienced at the time that I wasn't really even sure that it was indeed colic.

Since most moms are already dealing with fatigue, stress, emotions, and the demands of a new baby, colic can be the one thing that can put you over the top. Have you dealt with colic?

The symptoms of colic can include crying forever (no matter what you do for the baby), symptoms occurring around the same time every day/night, and a tummy that sticks out or feels hard. So what kind of colic treatment really works?

Some moms swear by gripe water, a homeopathic solution that deals with the causes of colic (and it is often used to help acid reflux in newborns.) The special product can be purchased without a doctor's prescription and contains all-natural ingredients.

Would you try gripe water for babies? Let us know your thoughts on the topic!