for One-Stop Savings

If you're online and not looking around for savings opportunities and freebie offers, you're missing out! You could scour the internet for all the bargains and samples OR you could bookmark a few great stops to check daily. A top spot for Moms on a budget?!
  • With a sortable list of online free samples, printable grocery coupons, and online promo codes, it's easy to find what you're looking for.
  • Try a sample BEFORE you buy! Companies love sending out freebies to help you decide if their product is right for you (and consumers enjoy getting a little special something in their mailbox.)
If collecting every Sunday paper to be sure you have the best discount coupons isn't your thing, maybe an online solution is right for you. (I personally cannot deal with piles of coupons I'll get to "someday.")

Budget-conscious Moms are already aware that it IS possible to get something for nothing. Whether it be a tiny tube of toothpaste you can try before you buy or a 50cent coupon on a product you purchase already, every little bit helps! Visit for more information on this new and exciting website. (Twitter fans have to check out their Twitter stream via @MySavingscom.)

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