Review of B Kids Bars by Balance

My kids love bars. In fact, my middle son will always say "bars" when asked what he wants for breakfast. Since most bars for adults are a little too much for little kids, I was pleased to find out that Balance had come out with ones specifically for my little guys!

Available exclusively at Target, these bars* come in yummy flavors like chocolate chip. Since my boys are huge chocolate fans, this was not a hard sell at my house. With just enough sweetness to keep picky eaters happy, these bars are perfect for the younger children in your household (my daughter, who is 11, didn't find them to be a very filling snack.) At a little more than 1 oz per bar, they will keep smaller kids quiet until dinner (and you won't feel guilty about it at all.)

These sell for about $3.99 for a six pack at Target stores nationwide.

*Product sample was received for this review.