TJ Maxx Treats Bloggers

Yep, I love my TJ Maxx! (And it's not just because they held a recent blogger event, where I was able to go to L.A. and shop at the new Glendale store.) I've been a fan of the retailer for quite some time, because it totally fits my quest for getting more stuff for much less money!

When we arrived to the Glendale TJ Maxx early in the morning at the end of August, it was my first time being back in L.A. since I used to go there for a sales job (back in a past life.) The store was new, shiny, and well... L.A. (My Nebraska stores don't have the runway display that was so prominently featured in this store.)

If you can forgive my blurry iPhone pics, you can kind of tell how glam everything is, but fortunately, it was all rather budget-friendly, as well! We were told about the finer points of how TJ Maxx gets its designer label clothes for an off-label price (no flawed or damaged goods here.) They actually use negotiating skills to take some stuff of the hands of those who are not able to sell an entire line, and thankfully, TJ Maxx doesn't even begin to charge what department stores do!

I was so thrilled to see some of the newest items from TJ Maxx held side-by-side with their identical "department store" twins. There really was no difference -- other than the price. It was also fun to hear style tips from expert Alison Deyette (who helped me with some difficult shoe decisions.)

So what did I get with my $50 gift card? I ran straight to a little Calvin Klein number (gray boy-suit styled jumper dress). It was $49.. and totally my type.

A big thank you to TJ Maxx and Victoria, who put together this cozy, informal, and super fun event!

*My trip to L.A. and all accommodations were provided by TJ Maxx.