What Flavor Are You Today?

Since finding out that a new baby is on the way (yeah!), I've been more conscious about my coffee intake. This means that it is helpful to make my coffee one cup at a time, instead of by the pot. I was fortunate to sample a whole new variety of coffee singles from Nescafe and Taster's Choice last month, giving me the perfect opportunity to figure out what my favorite flavor is!

Here are the varities that were available to me:
  • Original Blend - Smooth, caffeinated and delicious. This tastes much like my typical morning roast, but is ready in seconds!
  • Decaf - My favorite at the moment. I love to stick a few single-servings of this in my purse for when I head out to shop or do errands. I can order up a cup of hot water at my favorite restaurant, and I'm guaranteed fresh, decaf coffee that I know I will love.
  • Hazelnut - Perfect for indulgent occasions, this coffee has a nutty, sweet flavor that makes it feel a little like dessert!
  • Vanilla - My least favorite, this is actually VERY sweet. Great for someone who likes a little sugar in their coffee :)
Since I'm only allowed a cup or two a day now, I've really come to appreciate how easy it is to boil a kettle of water, and add the instant coffee directly to my cup. Fresh coffee anytime, anywhere. Now who doesn't like THAT idea?

For more information on Taster's Choice offerings, see their website at www.tasterschoice.com

*I received a coffee lover's kit and samples to thank me for my time in reviewing this product.