Review of Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo

Yuck. The flu is about the nastiest thing I can think of (or experience). But with kids licking, drooling, and sharing all kinds of things (including germs) in a typical play day, it's bound to spread this season.

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by E.S. Redmond is a touching, funny, and practical book that teaches kids the basics of hygiene in a way that they are bound to remember. With comical illustrations and a likable (but grimy) main kid character that transfers the germs from one poor zoo animal to the next, kids can't help but learn how the flu is really spread.

My kids laughed ... a lot.. at this story. And while they had to have a bit of a follow up chat about how the animals could have easily been one of us (or a pregnant Mommy), they soon understood how important it was to wash up and keep your nasty stuff to themselves.

Know a kid who likes to use their sleeve (or heaven forbid the end of the couch) for their goobers? Get them this book. It's a winner!

Pick up your copy for less than $15 at sellers like Amazon and for $15.99 at your local book store. (Published by Candlewick.)

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