Review of Flying Peas Construction Cutlery

Got a picky eater? Think the "airplane game" has lost its appeal? How about a cute set of eating utensils that encourage fun, but promote independence at the same time?

The Construction Cutlery set from Flying Peas is nothing short of adorable. The bulldozer pusher (which replaces using fingers as a way to get peas under control), fork lift fork, and front loader spoon give familiar objects a purpose in helping your child eat by themselves!

Not only are these a fun, effective way to get mealtime done without a fight, they are also super safe! Containing no PVC, Phthlalates, Bisphenol A (BPA), lead or paints, they will give you "peas" of mind. Girls will love the hot pink version, and there is a specially-designed construction plate that can make this set complete!

Totally thrilled with how heavy-duty these were, we couldn't keep our little guy away from them. Kudos to Flying Peas for offering a mealtime solution that's even cuter than our kids!

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*Sample was received for this review.