Review of Playskool Blocksters!

Playskool has always been about more than play. What do I mean? I know for a fact that they know all about the educational and developmental benefits of play, and how a well-constructed, simple toy can bring about more than just fun -- it can encourage growth on so many levels! Since we homeschool, I am super-confident in my kids' ability to learn from their daily play, and open-ended toys are our favorite.

Thanks to Playskool's More Than Play campaign, I've gotten to know all about the stages of development that are on target for my own kids. I was also lucky enough to review a very unique and high-quality toy called Blocksters!

This neat toy, called the Blocksters Block Spot, was designed for ages 12 months and up (although my almost 3 year old love this toy!) It features chunky block "animals" in various shapes and sizes, full of color and featuring various activities. By visiting the More Than Play website, I learned that it encourages so many skills: Fine Motor Skills, Pincer Grip, Spatial Awareness, Problem Solving, Conceptual Thinking, and more!

Proof that kids aren't just playing... they're growing!

Check out this neat video of Blocksters. Could you see your child learning from a toy like this?

*Sample was received for this review.