The "I love you for all time" gift

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I remember the last gift I got to celebrate the event (it was a few years ago, admittedly.) It was a beautiful watch, something affordable and simple. Now that I'm over 30, I've been secretly admiring some of the more refined watches on the market, specifically the Citizen Eco Drive Ladies Watches.

Maybe you've found yourself in the same boat -- looking for a special gift to give or receive on that romantic holiday. Perhaps you've outgrown the cheap, waterproof watch that you wear while doing the dishes and tending to kids. You want a classy option for the times hubby takes you out or you meet with friends for lunch.

Not only does a watch say something about you and your personality, but it says something about the person who gave it to you (hopefully, it says that they love you so much!) The watches that I looked at, came in as many styles and colors as the women who may wear them. I especially love the watches that look like bracelets or that have charms on them!

My husband and I have been together for a little over 7 years. Our gifts are infrequent but always very special. Maybe I'll drop a big hint on the watch that I want for Valentine's this year!