Let's Talk Education!

College is tricky to navigate -- I remember (even though it seems long ago). There is a lot to learn about living on your own, eating healthy, and finding a job! Thanks to all the online resources available these days, I'm sure it's a bit less confusing than when I attended.

EDUInReview.com has much of this info down in an easy-to-read format. In fact, it's got everything from the best internships to the top frat houses for producing future CEO's! Full of to-the-point and short articles and blog posts, it's light reading with only the best information.

Stop by to see their blog, headlines on new government regulations, and social trends affecting education today. Even if you don't have kids in college yet, it may be a good idea to catch up on what's going on. After all -- you may want to go back to school someday! Parents looking for information on student loan providers and institutions will find that, too, all organized for easy browsing and available for more in-depth information (if you're ready to apply.) They also have information for testing higher on college entrance exams and developing great study habits when you get there.

I sure wish college was this easy!