Review of BornFree Vented Glass Bottles

Whew! Raising 4 kids has been a challenge, but I also can't believe how much I've learned. With my last child, I made the switch from regular plastic bottles to the BornFree BPA-Free ones (which you can read about in my 2008 BornFree review.)

Now I've been introduced the next step up in safe and smart feeding systems -- the Vented Glass Bottles from BornFree! At first, the idea of glass scared me a bit. But after trying these guys out, I was seriously convinced that our next baby will be a BornFree glass baby. Why? Where do I start....
  • No more stinky bottles when left under the couch. The glass bottles get almost every last drop out at complete feedings, and what remains can easily be rinsed out and washed with peace of mind. (This means no leftover stink...) I also love that there is less build-up of bacteria and baby won't be tasting what Mom failed to wash out well before. Yuck!
  • Like the other bottles I reviewed, these are awesome for breastfed babies. While my baby isn't officially born yet (so I can't vouch for this exact set of bottles), the nipples are the same as before, and I remember how much better my little guy fed from them. Less air, less gas, and no irritating collapses of the nipples.
Once I got over my fear of glass, I really liked these bottles. The available gift set, which I received, contains everything a Mom or Dad needs to get started:
  • 3 5 oz. glass bottles (each with level 1 nipple)
  • 2 Level 2 silicone nipples
  • 2 9 oz. glass bottles (each with level 1 nipple)
That's enough for a busy day of BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free feeding!

For more information on BornFree's newest offerings (including training and drinking cups) and even more of the amazing gift sets, check out their website at

*Sample was received for this review.


  1. Looking good, i think will compliment my breast pump quite well!
    Thanks for the share.


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