Review of Rebel Ink Baby T-Shirts

They're a little more hardcore than the clothes my boys are used to wearing, but I have to admit.. they are kinda cute, too!

I'm talking about the clothing line from Rebel Ink Baby, an entire collection of t-shirts for little people designed to "launch the rebellion." We were blessed with a sample of the "Imaginary Friend" t-shirt for my 2-year-old, and believe it or not, we wore it to Christmas dinner with family. We got tons of compliments.

While the "I'm pooping right now" or "Break out the Boobs" tees won't be for every family, I got a chuckle out of most of the designs. (But then again, I wore my belly ring through 2 pregnancies before I broke out of denial and realized that my stomach was never going to look cute enough to be seen again.)

Moms with any inkling of a rock star past will adore the slogans on many of these tees. Rock on, little guys.. Rock on!

The full line of pants, t-shirts, caps and bibs can be seen at their website,!

*Sample was received for this review.