Get Out the Spring Toys!

My kids have been driving me buggy! They're great kids, mind you -- they just need a chance to get out and play. They especially miss all their fun outdoor toys, since it's been snowy for months, and have lately been begging me for a few battery powered ride on toys so that they can race around our driveway. When it gets warmer, I'll strongly consider it.

Right now, ride on toys are a big hit for my 3 boys. We've even adapted our dining room to accommodate some Big Wheels and other toys that the boys can zoom around on. (My husband's idea, not mine.) While I love that they get a kick out of being so active, I admit that it drives me a bit crazy!

Some my own childhood memories involved ride on toys, and I can clearly remember wishing we had more a sidewalk near our farmhouse to really work them out. (It's hard to build up speed on a gravel road!)

Do your kids like these kinds of toys? If so, how do you make sure they have room to play and be safe? We'd love to hear your tips for adapting to cold weather and small spaces with your ride on toys!


  1. When my daughter was that age, she loved ride on toys. She was small and the toys weren't too bulky, so when we were stuck inside (Bad weather) We made her a little fun race track out of my work out bands. We made them going from the kitchen going down the entry hallway. We could watch her from the couches and she wasn't under foot. She would race the dog for about 30 minutes to an hour before she was plum tuckered out. So I guess we were high fiving each other when she asked to play with the vroom vroom. We knew she was going to sleep good that night.

    P.S. I am so ready for warm weather!

  2. Yah... ride on toys are so much fun.
    My daughter loves the rocking horse by Radio Flyer.


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