Review of Sucre Chocolates

Hey ladies! It's almost Valentine's Day, and if you're not certain that your hubby or boyfriend will get the clue and get you something you'll love -- you may want to take notes. (You can always buy yourself something special, you know.)

I was "treated" to the opportunity to sample some of the most beautifully-designed and delicious chocolates I've had in my short lifetime. Sucre.

I have to admit that I generally don't like dark chocolate (and believe me, I've tried! I know that it's better for you than milk chocolate.) When a sweet little box arrived for me from Sucre, I was excited to see what was inside! Imagine my surprise when I saw 15 chocolate hearts staring back at me... I popped one in my mouth right away. Yum! Smooth, raspberry notes instantly captivated my tastebuds... and guess what? They were dark chocolate, too!

I've never tried a dark chocolate that I've liked. But with the handcrafted care put into these little treats, I was hooked! This particular confection is $30 for a box of 15, but I've been sampling them slowly over the last week and a half, and I still have plenty to share!

Want to know more about these beauties? Just pop over to Sucre's website. You'll learn about their New Orleans-based business and how they have been inspired by deep Mardi Gras culture! If you're looking for something different for your sweetie (or yourself), this might be just what the Love Doctor ordered :)

*Sample was provided for this review.