Review of Chili's Restaurant Menu Items

We don't eat out too often as a family, but when we do -- we really go all out! As a recent treat for our birthday boy (just turned 5), we headed out to Chili's to try some of their new menu items. We've been there several times before, so I thought I pretty much already knew what we would be ordering.

Thanks to a new promotion that allowed the adults (and my oldest child) to pick an app and a main course for just $9.99, we had a chance to try some really yummy stuff! While my husband picked the ribs, as usual, I tried the Steakhouse sandwich -- which was a delicious flatbread sandwich wrapped around smoky steak and mushrooms. It was also topped with an arugula lettuce that was surprisingly very fresh! I felt really full and glad that I didn't pick something less healthy.

The kids went wild sampling each other's kid's meals. Because the prices on all the kids items are the same, they could choose anything that they wanted, and we put a little of each item on their plates. They had mac and cheese, fresh veggies, and chicken fingers. It was really filling!

My daughter enjoyed her Southwestern eggrolls (they were piping hot and had to wait to cool a bit), along with her shrimp meal. I still couldn't believe she got the appetizer AND the meal for less than $10.

Here are a couple of photos of my family enjoying our meal. We all ate for less than $50! Also, the staff was very accommodating to all our spills and napkin usage.

Thank you to Chili's for helping make a birthday meal very fresh, tasty, and super-special. I can't emphasize how impressed we were with the ingredients in our meals. (My only complaint is how full we all were. We were looking forward to complimentary dessert for my son -- but his stomach hurt from eating so much. We left before it could be ordered!)

*A gift certificate was received to help facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy. I have a 5 yr old, too. She absolutely loves when we go to Chilis. She always chows down on the celery sticks that comes with the boneless buffalo wings. She likes to dip it in the blue cheese.

    Have you tried their Asian salad? Oh wow, it is so good. I had one about 2 weeks ago, and I am already craving another.

  2. I Love their salads! Unfortunately, I can never begin to eat a whole one :)

  3. Oh my gosh--their desserts are the best, especially the white chocolate molten lava cake!!! You missed out :)


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