Review of How to Train Your Dragon the Video Game

We haven't played the Wii at our house in awhile. Partly, this is because it's been so nice outside -- my kids don't want to come in! We do allow a little bit of screen time in the evenings, however, and this has been the perfect opportunity to try out the newly released How to Train Your Dragon for the Wii. Put together by Activision, it's rated E10+, but I personally found it to be suitable for the kids in our family as young as 5.

Here's the skinny on this fun family game:

You get a dragon to train, feed, and care for. After learning the tricks behind your dragons special skills (yes, they have crazy abilities that help them in challenges) you can go up against other dragons in tournaments. This game reminded me a bit of Pokemon in that you are responsible for your own creature and that you "fight" other creatures to be a champion. I don't especially like Pokemon, however, and I loved this game!

The ability to save different games onto the one Wii system makes it so that all 4 of my game-playing kids can save their progress with their dragons. They can learn what their dragons like to eat (chicken, sheep, carrots, some flowers, and "warthogs -- or something like that.") Winning against other dragons (which wasn't at all as violent as I expected), grants you more dragons, coins to buy things, and new adventures.

My 11-year-old finally has something she can do with her 6-year-old brother that isn't babyish or embarrassing. My 5-year-old can hang out with his older brother and do something together. I love how this game has been a way for my kids to connect with one another!

A couple of things to note about this game. The "fighting" is very mild -- a couple of tail swishes, some fire-breathing, but not blood or gore. Also, you can compete against other players, but we only have one nunchuck at our house (you need a Wii remote and a nunchuck per person to play.) There is an arcade mode with extra games and features, but we've been so engaged with the regular play that we haven't had to go there yet. All in all, this is a super-entertaining game with nothing that I could find objectionable for our family!

Activision is currently hosting a sweepstakes on its website, giving entrants a chance to win a Nintendo DS or Wii game system, plus a copy of the new game. You can learn more by visiting the game website at Hurry! Promotion ends April 7th!

This game is available for Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, and PS3 from your choice of retailer or (aff)!

*Review copy was received for this review.


  1. This game sounds fun--I really want to see the movie, if it's not too scary for my little one.

  2. The game is totally appropriate for my kids, even though I'm also not sure about the movie yet. I'll have to screen it before I let them watch :)


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