Review of Junior Varsity Naturals Kids Natural Deodorant

Preteens come with their own set of problems, and one of them is a need to use deodorant! While it's not something we, as parents, want to admit, it's necessary to find something they can use that's safe, effective, and makes them feel good about using it.

Introducing JV Naturals Kids Deodorant, a yummy-scented, safe alternative to adult deodorants on the market today. With no Aluminum Chorohydrate, parabens, propylene Glycol, or harsh perfumes, you can feel good about having your kids use it every day! (Parents may like it, as well.)

My tween daughter has been using the cherry scent for a few months, and her reaction has been positive. Not only has it been effective against body odor and excessive sweating, but it leaves no icky residue or white marks that adult deodorants can leave behind. This is a great product for kids of all ages.

You can read more about the entire line of products by JV Naturals at their website

*Sample was received for this review....