Review of My BabyZoo Gus NightLight and SleepTrainer

My boys are ages 6, 5, and 3 – just right to all squeeze into one bottom half of a bunk bed! Since we’ve started to get them to stay in their bed, it’s been a bit of a challenge. They have each other to keep company, but they still get a little scared of the dark. Since we’ve had a chance to review the Turtle Gus Nightlight, things have gotten a bit easier. While they didn’t solve everything (we still have to leave a hall or closet light on for most of the night), the boys feel more secure with their turtles because they have some control over the lights themselves.

Each turtle comes with an on and off switch, plus there are two levels of brightness. In addition to those features, each light has 3 timed settings that let you choose how long the light stays on (10, 20, or 30 minutes.) We’ve used these nightly for over a month, and the batteries have not had to be changed yet. (One note: when we first got them, we had a bit of trouble with one turtle, as its batteries weren’t quite meeting the connector’s correctly. We had to make sure they were positioned just right before putting the cover on, but after that – no problems, whatsoever!)

As you can see, our guys don’t cuddle their turtles (they are plastic, so they aren’t exactly “cuddly” anyway.) They did come up with the brilliant idea of tucking the turtles “fins” under the slats of the top bunk so that the turtles line the “ceiling” of their bed. Too cute!

These turtles come highly recommended by my kids. You can see why :)

If you think these are a neat idea, you have to check out the monkey clock Sleep Trainer in the product line. Equally as charming, it has eyes that open to the time parents set, letting kids know the right time to get out of bed. Cool jungle noises gently wake kids, and times are featured in both traditional “hands” style and a digital military time. It’s a fun way to learn, AND it has let me sleep in a little later. (The boys have to stay in their beds with our puppy until the monkey’s eyes open.)

Both items are available from My BabyZoo for $19.95 and $34.99, respectively.

*Sample was received for this review!


  1. Both of these products look like they would be very useful. Thanks for the review and the cute picture your son and the turtle in action! :)

  2. Thanks! We review a lot of items, and when the kids find them useful, it's a win-win! I love products that make our life easier :)


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