Review of Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drinks

We received samples of this product quite awhile back, and to be honest, I was hoping that we wouldn't have the chance to review it in the way it was intended. (If you're not familiar, the BRAT diet is usually used when you have a stomach bug or diarrhea -- something I was not wanting to go through with the kids.) After heading back from a business trip, however, I was met with 3 kids who hadn't stopped vomiting for a few days. They had the flu!

We broke out the samples of Organic B.R.A.T in an attempt to give my kids the drinks they were demanding (my youngest wanted milk), without further upsetting their tummies. With just a few hours in the fridge for better flavor, we were dispensing the drinks like they were going out of style. My boys loved it!

The drink is made from organic brown rice milk, bananas, and apple purees -- which is awesome, because the BRAT diet has traditionally stood for for Bananas Rice Applesauce and Toast (or Tummy Soothers, in the case of this product)! The drink was easy on my kids' stomachs, and I didn't have to worry about them not getting enough to drink (dehydration can easily be a problem when they have the flu.)

My kids went on to like the drinks even after they were healthy. My youngest, especially, loves the stuff in his sippy cup. It comes in a few flavors: Original, Chocolate Honey, Vanilla, and Cinnamon Toast! The flavored drinks went over the best, but all were devoured by my kids within days. (Note: You'll want to drink any opened containers within a week after opening to maintain freshness. You can store them in a pantry until they are opened, however.)

Even if you aren't sick, this is a good product for anyone who can't drink milk, is needing a healthy gluten-free alternative to dairy, or just wants a break from morning sickness!

The people behind this product recently donated 300 cases of this product to kids in Haiti! To learn more about their efforts, products, or the story behind this neat drink, visit their website at

*Samples were received for this review.