Review of Surf Sweets Natural Candy

Candy! Who doesn't love it? At our house, it really is a treat -- something we don't get often. Some of our favorites, however, are sour gummies and gummy worms.

When Surf Sweets Natural Candy sent us a few packages to try out, my kids had NO problem giving them a taste. In fact, I had a hard time sharing -- they were super chewy, flavorful, and fruity!

Here is what we sampled:

Gummy Worms
- These were your typical gummy worms. They had a firm texture, but weren't too chewy and didn't get stuck in my kids' teeth.

Gummy Swirls - OH MY GOODNESS! These were awesome (and I admit that I left very few to share with the kids.) Small, circles of fruity flavor covered in little sugar crystals, these were my favorite.

Sour Worms - These are great for kids who like Sour Patch Kids and similar products. They aren't too tart, but they have a nice, sweet after flavor!

In addition to being yummy, they contain the following features, which parents may appreciate:
  • 100% Vitamin C per serving
  • NO synthetic flavors and artificial colors
  • NO trans fats
  • NO GMOs
  • NO corn syrup
  • NO gluten
There a few other varieties of candy offered by Surf Sweets, and they come in single-serving or bigger sizes. (It wouldn't matter -- I'd likely eat the entire bag, no matter the size!) These would make a great Easter basket addition this year!

For more information, see the official Surf Sweets website.

*Sample was received for this review.


  1. Awesome, a new snack that is Gluten Free. I have to resrict my daughter's gluten consumption and I am always looking for alternatives that taste good and make her feel like she isn't missing anything. Those swirls look pretty good.

  2. The swirls are heavenly. They aren't like those cheap fruit snacks that taste more like jello than real fruit. I love them!

  3. I checked out their website and oh my, I could gobble everything. Unfortunately I can't because I am diabetic, but my kids would absolutely gobble them up and let me know how good they are. I am going to purchase some for my daughter to take to her class for snacks.


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