Alvin and the Chipmunks Still Rock our House!

Yes, we're still listening to this CD at our house! I can definitely say that there is much more singing and dancing going on as a whole with my kids since we started playing it for them. Most notably, my youngest is singing on key to almost everything, and he even takes basic sentences and "sings" them to me in conversation. (Speaking is something that my youngest struggled with for a time.)
The Squeakquel Movie Soundtrack is great entertainment for both kids and parents. Featuring chipmunk'd renditions of classics from Beyonce, Katy Perry, the Bee Gees and many more, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and their girlfriends, The Chipettes, provide hours of fun for everyone.
Sound like something your kids could benefit from? You could be helping them love music, too -- and they won't even know that they are learning while having fun! Parents can buy a copy of the album online from Amazon or iTunes!

*I received a copy of the CD from #WBWord to facilitate my review.