I'm a Nerd...

There's something about me you probably don't know, but I'm really a big nerd. I was kind of a band geek, honor roll, badly-dressed child, who spent more time reading and practicing for the spelling bee than playing kickball.

However.. it seems that it is now officially OK to be a nerd. After all, it's kind of a cult sub-culture that can be cool. (Remember Napoleon Dynamite?) Thanks to some really neat online retailers, I can even find funny T-shirts to speak my mind. (Like this Google t-shirt?)

While they don't all fit my taste, I'm a big fan of the ones with computer jokes, Atari references, viral video references, or yes.. even LOL Cats. Am I alone here? With all the shirt information on Wikipedia, you'd think everyone was wearing one these days. (Now if I can just find one in maternity sizes!)

* This post is brought to you by my friends at Nerdyshirts.com


  1. I too love the nerdy shirts! I'm wearing an Oscar the Grouch shirt right now :)

  2. LOL.. I think I've been wearing a really stretched out Wonderbread one for awhile now. It's become my unofficial "maternity" wear. :)


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