Review of Innobaby Food Storage Solutions

Have a baby at home? Make your own food (or find that you don't use all the food in one container at once?) These cleverly-designed food storage solutions are super convenient and very cute!

Innobaby introduced me to their line of tiny, practical, and safe containers for storing everything from juice, to homemade food, to breast milk! The containers come in various shapes and sizes -- some are made of glass, and others of safe plastics (BPA-, Phthalates-, PVC- and lead free!)

Here is what they offer:Packin' SMART - This line give parents and caregivers two options for stackable containers which are perfect for storing powdered formula, cereal, and single servings of pureed foods and juices. They are a smart way to stash what you need into a diaper bag, and they allow you to bring a variety of items without spills or mess.Keepin' Fresh - What I loved best about these containers is that they sealed so well! They reminded me of little canning jars -- without the pressure cooker, of course. They also stacked nicely in the back of my cupboard, making them a no-nonsense solution for my already pretty cluttered kitchen. You'll love that the silicon seal is removable for easy washing AND you can toss them in the dishwasher, micro, or freezer safely.Din Din Smart - A cool stainless-steel divided plate (in the shape of a bus), this is a fun way to get little people to eat. This thing is sturdy!

In addition to these fun feeding solutions, their site has other baby needs covered! Check out the Innobaby website for all their offerings!

*Samples were received for this review.


  1. I love that dived truck tray. I checked out their website and they got some great stuff. The din din truck plate is the only design they have, which is adorable, but I would love to see a daisy or a butterfly plate for lil girls.

  2. Yes, I think a girly design would rock. I only have little boys, so it works for us, but that's the first thing I thought when I saw the plate. They are super light-weight, too!


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