Review of Nature's Hand Granola

We like granola for breakfast at our house -- especially my husband and I (who have finally started to outgrow regular sugary cereals.) I've even tried to make it myself, but I admit that the ingredients are often too expensive to do this very often.

We were recently very blessed to try several varieties of Nature's Hand Granola, and right away, I could tell a difference between this granola and other commercial varieties. Here's what stood out:
  • It wasn't as sweet. This is important, as I really like to enjoy each individual ingredient in a granola, whether it be the nuts, the dried fruit, or the types of grains. It's granola-- it should taste natural!
  • It wasn't super-crunchy. For me, it took a while to chew each bite, because it wasn't over-baked like some granolas. Longer time to experience my breakfast meant I felt full by the time I finished my bowl (and a single serving was just right!)
  • The granola wasn't in big clumps. This makes it perfect for using in your own homemade bar and cookie recipes!

This granola had some unique flavors that I really enjoyed. My favorite was the Raisin Hazelnut (I love hazelnuts!) My husband also enjoyed the Wild Blueberry (I'm not as big of a blueberry fan.)

Nature's Hand has several benefits, including the fact that it has no added salt, preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. It's also made right here in the U.S.A. And if you like charity, you'll be pleased to know that Nature's Hand is the official granola supplier for Outward Bound!

You can read about all the delicious flavors for this affordably-priced granola at their website.

*Samples were received to facilitate my review.