Review of Tooth Fairy on DVD

There aren't too many family comedies that include enough funny stuff for the kids and enough inspiring moments for the adults to warrant a good review. The recent release of Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, however, seemed to deliver on both.

With one of those predictable story lines that offers a problem (single mom meets dream-crushing boyfriend) and a solution (why not have him be a tooth fairy for a week or so?), this plot is odd and humorous at the same time. Several goofy effects make for over an hour of giggling for the kids (a paste that makes you smaller, a man in a tutu, and a "do these wings make my butt look big" reference). A more touching fable is in play, here, as well.

While this film isn't overly preachy, there are some good moral lessons to be observed. The mom does the right thing by finally letting her undercover fairy boyfriend (who happens to NOT live in the same house) know that being nice to her kids is NOT an option (they later reconcile.) Kids are allowed to dream in a time when fantasy and hope is certainly short-lived. Families stick together -- no matter what. My husband and I appreciated that our own values were never challenged in this film.

With plenty of physical humor, a mild PG rating, and the awe-inspiring presence of Julie Andrews as the head fairy, I really enjoyed watching this with my family. I think you will, too!

Available from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, you can learn more about the movie (released yesterday) at the official Tooth Fairy website or purchase it online at (aff)!

*Screener was received to facilitate this review.


  1. My kids are looking forward to seeing this movie. I appreciate your up front review, and I am glad that it seems like a light hearted hour of fun. The Rock, rocks. Or as my 16 year old would say, He's Hot! LOL

  2. LOL.. yes, the Rock made quite the leading man in this movie :)


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