Walmart's A Better Photo Book Experience!

As you may have already read in previous reviews, I love giving photo books.  I hate making them.  Finding all the photos (the good ones) on my computer, uploading, cropping, editing, sorting, planning, and designing is such a hassle.  It's why I don't make regular photo books or scrapbooks at home.  While many of the companies out there have made the process as seamless as possible, I still generally hate doing it.

I recently made a photobook using's photo book service.  Their Quick Memory Book Maker took no more time that it required of me to upload photos from various places on my computer and press a few buttons.  Their autofill feature placed them in my book in various styles and formats, and I even had the option to skip fancy background designs and cutesie captions.  The fact that I could upload and go meant less time sitting in front of my computer -- and my photo book was on the way more quickly.

 (Just one of many fab photos I put in my Memory Book!)

Best part of the Walmart Quick Memory Book Maker experience?  Auto-save.  Sometime during my time at the computer, I heard that my boys were NOT taking a nap.  I walked into their room to "check in" and a rigged up piece of plastic pipe that they had used to keep monsters out of their room hit me squarely in the jaw, breaking both my upper and lower lip open, and sending me screaming to my bedroom for a tearful and much-needed nap.

One hour later, I emerged, having completely forgotten that I was in the middle of making a photo book.  No problem.  The super auto-save feature on the Walmart site made sure I didn't lose ANY of my work, and I was finished -- fat lips and all -- within minutes.

You can make your own Quick Memory Book for $15 (while they are on rollback) and a tiny bit of shipping (or have it sent Site to Store.)  Choose from several designs, get elaborate, and go wild!

I am one of the Walmart Moms. I was approached by Walmart to try the Quick MemoryBook Maker and blog about my experience. I received a giftcard to test the service and purchase a Quick MemoryBook. Although product was provided, opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Who knew preserving memories could be so dangerous?!? Thank goodness for autosave lol


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