We Still Love....

I get asked a lot of questions about running a review blog.  Some of them include, "Yeah, you love the product at the time you get to try it (sometimes) for free, but what about later?  Do you actually continue to use it -- or even buy it?"

In order to share how much we've come to depend on some of the products that we discover through our reviews, I've decided to start a new series called, "We Still Love...", where I'll be following up on a review we've done in the past, and why we still love that product!

Today's product is:

Tide Stain Release 

You can read our initial impressions of the product in our Tide Stain Release review.  We've purchased no less than 20 packages of this stuff since we first started using it.  It is the only product that I trust to get the greasy stains from around the necklines of my son's dark-colored t-shirts WITHOUT pretreating.  This means that I don't have to dig through the laundry pile looking for items to pretreat as often.  Yes, I would pretreat for something like BBQ sauce.  But for the regular dinginess that can ruin a t-shirt (because it often goes unnoticed,) the Stain Release Duo Pacs are sufficient.

As a mom in her last weeks of pregnancy, I often rely on my daughter or husband to do laundry.  If I don't instruct them to toss a Duo Pac into the load before they wash, I can tell -- every time.  There is always some nasty dinge on the boys' tees.  If they do remember, no problem!  (And if they miss using the pacs in a load, I just wash them again the next time -- it seems to do the trick.)

At about $3.89 for a pack of 10, these can get to be expensive on a 15 load a week regimen (we have 4 kids and a very dingy farmer at home, remember?)  The best part about this product is that they ALWAYS issue coupons in the Sunday paper, and if you sign up for the P&G mailings, you'll get high value ones, as well.

Yesterday, I saw bonus packs of 10 pacs with 5 free for $3.89 at Walmart.  But I had a coupon for $3 off an 18-pack, making the 18 pack the SAME price as the 15 pack.  I stocked up!

I also love the smell of clothes washed with the Duo Pacs!

Do you have good things to say about Tide Stain Release?  Share them in the comments!