What's In My Hospital Bag?

I'm so excited to be giving birth to our 5th child sometime next week!  We are scheduled to go in for an amnio to test lung maturity on the 3rd, and then we will delivery via c-section soon after!  Since this is my 5th section, I'm pretty good at knowing what I will need for the 3-4 days in the hospital.  I've rounded up a list of my fave products that help get me through the time there.  Enjoy!

Colgate Wisp 

Getting out of bed the first day after a surgery is tough.  Surprisingly, the first thing on my mind after having a baby isn't that I need to eat or rest -- it's "when can I brush my teeth?"  To keep my mouth fresh any time, day or night -- even when the nurse isn't around to help me to the bathroom -- I love using Wisp to brush!  No water is needed, and I can just toss them in the trash when I'm done.  These are such a lifesaver (and they even come in a whitening variety.)  Visitors won't be experiencing my dragon breath, which is a huge relief!

Learn more at www.colgatewisp.com or buy now at Amazon!

Comfy Pajamas

Getting out of the hospital gown (and into something that covers my rear) is the next thing on my agenda.  I always bring a couple pairs of my own PJ, something that is comfy to wear and covers well when I nurse.  I don't ever spend more than $15 on a pair, however -- they can get ruined in the hospital!  I recently picked up a couple pairs of these Earth Angels 2-pc PJ's from Walmart.com, and paid just $10 a set!  They washed really well, are stylish, and will come in handy when I go into the hospital.  (And if something happens to them, I've still got my money's worth!)

Check out the pajamas at Walmart.com!

Murad Moisturizer

Anyone who's had the joy of an epidural or spinal block knows that sometimes the pain medication can cause horrible itching!  With each of my kids, I've experienced a mild reaction to the pain drip, resulting in my face becoming unbearably itchy and dry.  I looked like the crypt-keeper with my last one!  To help tame the itchies, keep my skin moisturized, and make it feel cool and calm, I bring my all-time fave moisturizer from home: Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer with SPF 15.  I recommend this product for any time of year -- not just when you're having a baby!

Find out more from the Murad website, or order directly from Amazon!


My hospital's food is actually pretty good, but I get really hungry in the wee hours (especially when nursing!)  To keep my tummy quiet, and my nerves in tact, I love to much on Emerald nuts!  They give me energy when I need it, and they keep well in my bag throughout my stay.  My faves?  The pecan pie glazed pecans variety!  (For something a bit more healthy, I suggest the Cocoa Roast Almonds.)

Learn about all the varieties of Emerald nuts at their website or purchase from Amazon.com!
These are just 3 of the must-haves I take with me every time I have a baby (they also make great items to stash into a "mom-to-be" gift basket!"  I also take along my iPhone (for tunes, NOT emails), a few good magazines, my own pillow, some comfy socks or slippers, my own shampoo and body wash, and my husband. 

Wish me luck!!


  1. I wish you all the happiness with your new baby. High 5 for 5 c-sections. I have had 4 and I would do another in a New York sec.

    Looks like you are a pro at packing the essentials.


  2. That's so wonderful to hear, Cheryl :) I get very anxious, as we are a rare kind of family thought would keep doing these sections. I just can't wait until I finally get to see my little guy's face!!

    Bless you for thinking of me :)

  3. Congratulations and best wishes!


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