Bicycle Cards Turns 125!

On any given day, my living room is covered in cards.  Not Pokemon cards.  Not greeting cards.  Bicycle playing cards.  Why?

I have a 6-year-old son who loves making houses out of them.  I can often hear him muttering under his breath when the houses fall and he has to start over.  But he loves them!  Another son likes to play "War" with his sister.  It is one of the simplest games a small child can play, and the games seem to last forever!

Bicycle has made it very easy to teach your kids how to play with cards.  Their website has a tool that lets you search for the directions for most any card game -- along with illustrations -- so if you haven't played Solitaire or Hearts in a while, you can brush up in no time.

The cards are becoming popular enough to warrant coupons in the Sunday paper (I saw them not too long ago), and stores are bringing the Bicycle brand back to shelves where cartoon character cards used to sit.  I like that they are simple to read, and that the kids can count on them to all look the same when playing with multiple decks!

In celebration of their milestone achievement (125 years), Bicycle is giving away some pretty neat prizes in an instant win game. You can check it out until 12/31/2010! And don't forget to learn about all their card play instructions at

Do you have memories of playing cards as a kid?  What about playing them now?  They have been a great way to spend a few minutes with my kids when a busy life could easily keep me from connecting with them!

*Bicycle Cards were received for this post.