More Infantino Fun!

Our baby seems to be growing fast!  He's now interested in learning about the world around him (meaning he can see Mommy and has even smiled once or twice!)  It's the perfect time to try out some of the new tummy time toys that we were introduced to by Infantino.

You can read about our previous experiences with the Fold & Go Bouncer, or skip ahead to our fun times with the Infantino Twist & Fold Activity Gym.  It was a bit tricky to set up at first, but assuming you can follow directions (and not just dive in – as we did), you’ll get it in less than 2 minutes, and an instant play space will appear!  We love this item for keeping stashed behind our living room couch.  It takes up no room whatsoever, but provides a clean, bright play area for babies of all ages.  Our favorite part of the Activity Gym is the fact that the dangling toys can be attached at different heights, depending on your preference.  Since our son is less than 2 weeks old, we put it at the distance he was most likely to see them with his new eyes.  He would stare and kick, and then eventually dosed off from all the excitement!  I like that the poles of this toy are so tall, as well.  It reminds my older kids that the baby is on the floor, and to watch where they step!

 (Always closely supervise infants who are playing or laying on their tummies!  Our little guy got so sleepy exploring his new mat that he fell asleep!)

We also got a sneak peek at the Jumbo Wheel Play Space.  Designed more for babies that can lift their heads up and play on their tummies, we really loved the bright colors and textures of this play mat.  We’ll try it out more when our son is old enough to appreciate it.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products to as part of my participation.