Review of Garanimals Clothing for Kids and Infants

Summer is far from over, and many families may find themselves in need of a few more basic clothing items to get their kids through these last few weeks (and perhaps to start a sunny school year!)  As an adult who remembers Garanimals from my childhood, I was excited to try out a few outfits for my own kids.

Perhaps the biggest perk to the Garanimals clothing line (besides the fact that they are UBER-affordable and fit any budget) is that they match.  Seriously.  Every piece with a given color (blue, for example) matches every other piece in the seasonal line with the same color.  You can buy several shirts, shorts, or skirts and then have your kid pick out a top and bottom from their drawers for the day -- and they can never go wrong.  This means kids can be independent and look good, without hassle from Mom or Dad!

I also love how easy these items are to care for.  My 5-year-old loves his blue striped t-shirt and athletic shorts.  They are a super-bright blue that matches his eyes, and when he recently doused the entire outfit in BBQ sauce, I was able to apply a stain treater and get everything out -- no problemo!  (They also keep their bright colors through many washings.)

You've probably seen the Garanimals line at Walmart and wondered how they can be of such high quality -- since they are so inexpensive.  Well, this company has been giving families a budget-friendly clothing option for a long time, and they do it well!

You can see the entire line of clothing for the summer at -- and order online through!

*Sample outfits were received for this review.  Opinions are 100% my own.