Review of HABA Toys for Babies

We've reviewed HABA toys before -- they are really just that great!  And with a new baby in the home, it was only appropriate that we check out some toys designed for the littlest member of the family.  Here are two products that we recently reviewed, and why we grew to love them!

HABA products are lovingly and carefully made in Germany, so they have a unique look about them that you can't get anywhere else!  This is one of the reasons why the sheep blanket (or "Habalinos" as the website calls it) was so neat!  A whimsical and cuddly sheep face adorns this super-soft fleece mini-blanket.  We took this to the hospital when our new son was born, and provided it to him in his bassinet at the hospital.  (It already had my scent on it, so it was comforting to him during his stay!)  It has lots of little knots and places for baby to grab and suck on!
We also enjoyed sharing the discoverer's meadow ball with our baby.  A bit too young to more than look at it, my son did get excited when we showed it to him.  The ball is brightly-colored, soft, and covered in tiny creatures from nature!  My 3-year-old likes to pull this out of the baby's toy box and play with it sometimes, too!  I can tell that this is well-constructed, and will last many years at my house. (When kids outgrow the ball, it will make a perfect hand-me-down toy!)

HABA's quality toy construction makes their products well worth the money.  You can buy them at specialty retailers and online at places like  Which HABA toy is your favorite?  For more information on the entire line of HABA's new toys, see their website at

*Samples of each product were received for review. Opinions are 100% my own.