Review of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Cheddar Explosion

I can tell the difference between Kraft and other brands of mac and cheese -- with my eyes closed!  While I usually like to indulge in the varieties that include the creamy cheese in the packet that you squeeze out, I have found a new flavor that tastes just as cheesy (but with a powdered cheese packet.)  It's the Cheddar Explosion flavor, and it is Sooooooo good!

I tried the single serving microwave bowl the other night after everyone had gone to bed and my baby had just nursed for an hour straight.  I was starving, and didn't want to cook up anything messy.  But I was really craving a rich comfort food.  I pulled the package that Kraft had sent me to try and popped it in the microwave (after adding the right amount of water, of course.)  A few minutes later, and I was mixing the cheese packet right in (no milk or butter required.)  It was delicious!  The cheese sauce was so creamy, and the flavor rocked!  This may be my favorite night time snack :)

The Cheddar Explosion comes in a box and single-serving microwavable bowl.  There are also two other new flavors with just as much flavor:  Grilled Cheese Explosion and Extreme Cheese Explosion.  We had these for dinner the other night (along with BBQ meatballs) and they earned my kids' seal of approval (i.e. there was none left for leftover night!)

You can find out all about the new flavors at Kraft's mac and cheese website!

*Sample was received for this review.  Opinions are my own.