Review of Lady and Men's Speed Stick with Stain Guard

It's that time of year.. sticky.  Sweaty. Stinky.

My husband comes in from working outside in a heat index of 115+ and I just want to run away.  He is really sweaty when he gets in!  We have tried so many deodorants over the years, and he either doesn't like the protection or I hate the odor. (Some of them actually smell MORE like sweat than his sweat alone.)

We tried the new line of Speed Stick for both Ladies and Men.  I was already a Lady Speed Stick fan, both for it's adequate protection and it's super price. (I can always get it on sale with a coupon and pay little to nothing!)  My hubby had tried the Men's version, as well, but it wasn't something we really talked about much.  I mean, who discusses these things with their spouse, anyway?

After allowing him to try the new Men's Speed Stick with Stain Guard for a week, he told me how he really enjoyed how dry it kept him -- which is a big deal.  He usually tells me that he hates a new brand, and tosses it in the trash.  (He's picky that way.)  What I loved was how GOOD he smelled, even after working all day.  This stuff just makes your man pleasant.  As far as the stain guarding goes.. I guess it works?  He never really got too sweaty, so his shirts stayed drier, and I'm assuming that is where some of the stain guard protection comes in.  In any case, we appreciated how well it worked.

I also enjoyed the Ladies' version, but I kind of expected I would (I was already a fan, remember?)  For those hot days when you want to stay dry AND protect your shirts from stains, this is a product we will recommend for the ladies and the men.  For more information, visit the Lady Speed Stick site (where you can print a 75cent off coupon) and Men's Speed Stick Site.  Both items are available in retailers near you and

*Samples of both products were received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.