Review of My First Colgate Collection

My kids were about 3 the first time they sat through an entire dentist appointment.  This doesn't mean, however that I wasn't taking care of their teeth long before this.  In fact, before they even get their first tooth, oral hygiene is on my mind.  I want my kids' teeth to be healthy!
Colgate has made it easy for concerned parents to get their babies into a good dental routine.  With their line of My First Colgate products, I know that I can't go wrong when cleaning baby's mouth and teeth.  We especially like the Infant and Toddler toothpaste.  It's fluoride free (so no need to worry if they swallow some), and it has no artificial colors or preservatives!  And if you find yourself frustrated with toothpastes that come out messy and end up causing you more housework in the bathroom, you'll love the packaging.  It's super efficient and easy to keep tidy.

I was equally impressed with the toothbrushes.  Tiny, soft bristles and brightly-colored handles will get toddlers excited about brushing, and are easy to handle for kids and the adults who may be helping them brush correctly.

Before you invest in expensive tooth products for baby, go with a name you already know.  Colgate is available in most stores, and fits the budgets (and mouths) of kids and their parents.  Find out more about all of Colgate's oral health line at

*Sample was received to help facilitate this review.