Review of Smartipants Reusable Diaper

We don't use cloth diapers at my house.  It's not that I don't love the idea, but my laundry is already a full-time job!  We have used some really nice hybrids in the past, and I'm always open to new ideas in the diapering genre.  That's why I was more than a little excited to try Smartipants.  I received a sample to review a few months ago, but was waiting for our new baby to try it out!

Here is the basics of the product:  Super comfy outer covering, anti-leak layer built right in, and removable absorbent insert to collect all the dirty stuff.  The idea behind this diaper is awesome:  You can use it like a cloth, but it's more absorbent and with less mess.  (Plus you can totally adjust it to fit almost any size baby with the numerous snaps located all over the diaper.)

The biggest perk to this diaper, besides the obvious environmental plusses, is that it is really cute.  It is also very snuggly!  Yes, you heard me... a "snuggly" diaper!  My little guy almost didn't fit into his when born (he weighed less than 7 pounds) but he did.  The diaper was a bit overwhelming in size, as it's a one-size fits all product, but it did work.  And these diapers are less gross than other cloth options -- you can shake out the solid mess right over the toilet, leaving just the "wet" part to launder separate from the outer shell.

Actually affordable, the Smartipant is only $40 for a 3-pack, and you can buy lots of extra inserts to keep up with all the dirty messes your little guy or girl will leave behind.  They come in cute colors and with just 24 needed for one baby (as compared to thousands of disposable diapers), it's possible to save some cash, too!  If you're looking for an alternative to disposable, these one-size options may be for you.

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*Sample was received for this review.