Have You Seen BabyPhotographers.com?

Ever since my new son was born 2 months ago, I have been taking LOTS of photos!  Whether it's with my iPhone or my digital camera, we've had fun capturing his precious moments to share with the world and remember forever.

There have been times where I have not been happy with my photos, however... and why not?  I'm not a professional, and my equipment is severely lacking.  That's why I've been considering getting a quality photo session for my little guy from a local, reputable photographer. Babyphotographers.com has been helpful in my search, acting as a concierge of sorts to get me listings for local photographers who specialize in infant sessions.

The site also features some useful articles (like how to get your baby to smile), and for a limited time, an opportunity to win a $2,000 gift certificate to the photographer of your choice from within the Babyphotographers.com site.  Second place finalist will receive a $1,000 gift certificate; third place will receive a $500 gift certificate.

For more information on this neat resource for parents, visit Babyphotographers.com! Or find them on Twitter and Facebook!


  1. Thanks for the great article about our site, Linsey! We are thrilled to be of help in your search for a photographer for your little one :-) And good luck to everyone who enters the contest!



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