Marshalls Is THE Place for Back to School

We recently went back to school shopping and had a blast.  Yes, you heard me... we actually had fun!  How can it be that I could go anywhere with all 5 of my kids and get all my clothes and accessory shopping done in one place?  We went to Marshalls!

Not only do they have a huge selection of all sizes for men, women, juniors, and kids, but their petite section is awesome.  Everything is stylish, because it is this season's top looks.  And I paid 50% or less on the price of what I would pay at a department store.

I gave my daughter a gift card to go crazy with, and she hit the aisles, loading up her cart with looks that she thought would flatter her pre-teen figure.  I was very impressed with the things she picked out, because Marshalls was full of modest but clever looks that Moms can feel good about sending their daughters to school in.  Everything fit so well, in fact, that we had to put more than a few things back because we couldn't buy them all (not because they didn't fit.)

My daughter got 6 tops for less than $50.  I couldn't believe it!  And I picked up a nice pair of denim trouser pants (petite, of course), and a neat layer-look top with a belt.  (I love this year's layered looks -- especially the pieces that put everything together into one easy to wear top.)  Both were purchased for less than $30!

School shopping was so simple this year.  We walked in, grabbed a few things off the rack, tried them on in very nice and well-lit dressing rooms, and checked out with tons of gear for the new year.  I even got a super luxurious and eco-friendly dog bed for my pup.  We had been looking for similar beds online -- but they were all priced at $30 or more!  Marshalls had it for less than 15 bucks!  You can't beat that!

I have been telling everyone I know to head straight for Marshalls this year.  Check them out online at

*Gift cards were received to facilitate a shopping experience for this post.