Our Kids Rock Out with Paper Jamz

We sometimes get amazing opportunities to try out new and innovative toys.  This week was no exception, as we received a few of the new Paper Jamz products from Walmart to give them a test drive.  My boys were SO excited.  I had never heard of them before this project, but my kids had apparently seen all the commercials and knew exactly what they were when they arrived.

No sooner did we open the box, then the 3 oldest boys ran into their rooms to put on their "music video" clothes.  This is no lie.  They emerged wearing something from a rock-a-billy band, and then headed outside to set up a cozy spot on our front stoop to jam out.   They even brought the dog's bed so he could get in on the action. (Bonus points if you can spot the chicken in the background.)

These toys were pretty cool.  As a drummer in high school and college, I thought that the drum set one was amazingly accurate in sound and ability to play.  You can use these toys to play along with one of 3 songs or do a free-style session.  My boys were content to play song #1 on the guitars (which was "Sweet Home Alabama") over and over again.
Parents can find out what songs each toy plays before they buy,  if they have any concerns on the music picks.  There was nothing inappropriate about the songs, but you may or may not want your 3-year-old singing "Rock Star" throughout the day.  Choose a toy that has songs you'll want to hear over and over.. because you will.

Here is the video that my kids put together.  It features two guitarists and one kid that thinks being in a band involves wearing a fake mustache.  We couldn't hear the guitars well over the wind since they were playing outside, so we used an overlay of the exact song that they were playing.

You can get the Paper Jamz toys at the Walmart website for under $25.  This is an incredible way to get kids excited about music.  (And my hubby keeps playing the guitars, as well.) 

Want to see some other really fun Paper Jamz videos?  My friends Lynnae and Melissa also made one.  Please check them out!

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart Moms (http://www.walmart.com/walmartmoms) program. Walmart has provided me with product samples and compensation to create the video in this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I think my kids would love to jam out and play they are in a rock band.

  2. The kids have other play guitars, but they are very heavy. These are thin, so even the young ones can drag them all over the house!

  3. Too cute! I think the mustache and the chicken in the background helped make the concert great ;)

  4. My boys got these for Christmas and loved them and so did I until my son asked me what a playboy bunny is. Sure enough it talks about playboy bunnies in the song "Rock Star". Totally not appropriate for kids! Now I'm going to check out my other son's to make sure the lyrics are ok. :(


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