Review of IQ and RAW Natural Beauty Summer Skin Solutions from DermStore

Summer's not over yet!  If you're just now getting into the swing of things (as we are at our house), you may be wanting to look your best in the final months before you put those shorts away! 

If smooth skin is your thing, then a supplement or skin care product may be a carefree way to get an advantage.  We recently reviewed two items from the DermStore designed to make that happen:

IQ's Firmeceuticals Body Firm Gel is a spicy way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  I didn't use this product personally, as I'm nursing (there are no specific instructions not to use it, but it does contain caffeine.)  My personal product tester used it, however, and I tested an amount on my skin to get a feel for the product.  It had a slight tingly cool feeling when used, but nothing alarming.  Our tester did experience her skin feeling tighter at the surface.  Through prolonged use every day, I feel like you could go out in the sun and feel more confident about the appearance of your skin (especially on problem areas, like the thighs.)  It costs $80 for a large container, and works as well (if not better) as competing products that we've tried.

We also allowed our tester to use the Nutritional Supplement Pack.  It was a combination of 4 vitamin regimens packaged into one.  It included:

         Multi-Vitamin Supplement
·         Mineral Supplement
·         Vitamin E
·         Thermogenic Supplement

Even if you didn't want to use the thermogenic supplement (maybe you're not dieting), you could get a lot of use out of the other 3.   For someone who wants to cover all their bases in boosting metabolism and giving their skin the best chance at looking great, this is a great buy at $45 for 30 days.

We tried a few other items from their store that we loved, including the Active Veil SPF 18 powder from RAW Natural Beauty.  This was perfect for me, since I have to have some sun protection when I'm out and about, but sometime like to go with bare skin.  If you are fed up with oily moisturizers, or just want something to put in your purse to help keep from getting overexposed, this is a perfect option.  It won't melt or leak, applies easily over any other makeup you may be wearing, and won't cause breakouts.  It sells for a very affordable $25.

Just a few of the hundreds of products available at the DermStore to keep you looking and feeling great during the summer, these were a great way to kick off my summer (which started very late due to a new baby!)  It may be August, but it's never too late to start looking good!