Review of Pop On Pals Toys

Children's playsets are usually lacking one key functionality:  the pieces never stay where they are supposed to.  You can set them in furniture, automobiles, and more -- but do they keep in place during the most active imagination scenes?  Not usually.

Pop On Pals have all the same fun, imaginary play potential as other play sets, with one big difference -- the figures actually "pop" into place, letting kids know that they will stay put and can be removed just as easily by popping them again!  We received an amusement park play set from them to try out with our kids.  While designed for children as young as 2, my 3 year old loved this toy!  It  features a roller coaster with moving car that the character can "pop" into, a dragon swing ride, a rotating ferris wheel, and a "knock down the bottles" stand.  All this is part of one piece, so there aren't a bunch of parts to have to look after.  It uses batteries (which come with it), but it isn't too loud or annoying.  (Believe me, my son plays with these almost daily.)

While we wished that the set came with more than one person to play with, it is nice that the person has interchangeable bands that allow it to be different characters.  This makes the imagination process more enjoyable, and it is really easy for even the youngest kids to figure out.

This toy reminded me of another brand's small people sets that I used to play with as a kid.  Larger, easier to use, and able to be "popped" into place for lasting fun, I think I actually prefer them over other brands!

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*I received this play set to review as a member of Team Mom