Review of Sharper Uniforms 3-Pocket Waist Apron

I worked in the food service industry for over 6 years, and what I remember loving the most was the apron.  When I left the industry, had quite a collection of waist aprons that I had purchased from each restaurant.  I'm not sure what happened to them over the years, but they were super handy for keeping my clothes clean while working and stashing things in the pockets so that they wouldn't get in the way.

While they haven't invented an apron that will allow me to stash my almost always crying newborn, Sharper Uniforms has a pretty nice 3-pocket Waist Apron that is used in the service industry, and is perfect for busy families, as well!  I tried out a pink one while preparing sandwiches for my sister's anniversary party.  I loved that the material was so think, wicked away water (instead of letting it soak through to my clothes beneath), and had 3 pockets to put utensils, my recipes, and my wedding ring (so it wouldn't get messy.)  These take up little room in a drawer, so you could have 2-3 on hand for all your cooking and cleaning needs.  (My  kids also love them.  You can have them wear one while doing housework, as well.  They are great for putting dust cloths or small cleaning bottles.)

There are 16 colors of this apron to choose from.  Find out more about this high-quality item at the Sharper Uniform's Website.  You can also read about them on their blog, or "Like" them on Facebook!

*Sample was received for review.  Opinions are 100% my own.