Review of Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone

Does your kid think he's a crack up?  Mine sure do.  If they are not telling very unique knock-knock jokes (that make no sense) over and over again, they are dressing up in the most ridiculous costumes!  Since they think they are on their way to a life of a comedian, I was happy to try out a cute toy that gave some support!

The Gotta Know Microphone featuring Sid the Science Kid is part educational, part ridiculous.  It allows kids to take the stage or conduct Sid-like interviews anywhere, anytime -- with laugh tracks, animal noises, theme songs, and a voice echo mode.  It just takes a button push for any one of the amazing effects, and the volume isn't too terribly loud (making it appropriate for play at most any time of day.)

The batteries in this toy lasted a LONG time, and it's fairly rugged, too.  My boys play with it outside quite a bit, and I know it holds up to being dropped and the regular wear and tear of preschoolers.  Affordably priced at $14.99, it's a reasonable gift for kids ages 3 and up.  If you have a Sid fan at your house, this will be a well-received toy!

Available from Hasbro, and retailers everywhere!

*Sample was received for this review by Hasbro and the Jim Henson Company.  Opinions are 100% my own.


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