Tough Stains? There's an App for That!

I use my iPhone for just about everything, and it came as no surprise that the makers of my favorite carpet cleaning products happened to put together an app that helps get out tough stains.  While the application won't get down on its hands and knees and scrub out latest mess from my carpet, it will give me some direction in handling those horrifying stains that would have renters saying "farewell" to their security deposit.

Bissell (who happens to make my the very lovely steam cleaner that I bought last year) is behind this app, giving users a free tool to decipher the best way to tackle chocolate milk stains, coffee, red wine, and more.  While there is no guarantee that EVERY stain will come out every time, you have the best chance possible when armed with the right info.  (And while the application does tell you exactly which Bissell cleaner will work best on a stain, it also gives you information applicable to non-Bissell products, too!)

I also had a chance to try out their Bissell Professional Oxy Total Spray Cleaner.  This stuff is powerful!  I sprayed it on some really dark and dirty areas that had developed right outside my bathroom door.  After it set, I could see that the area I hadn't sprayed was very dingy (even though I thought it was clean.)  Just goes to show how much dirt this product can get out, and with very little effort.

For more information, or to download the app for free, visit the iTunes store.  You can see more Bissell product on their website.

*Bissell cleaning products were received to facilitate this review.