Wallables Makes Kids' Room Decor Interactive and Fun!

Decorating a child's room can be challenging (especially if you have little artistic skill -- like myself.)  There are many products on the market designed to help provide a foundation for a fun, cheerful, and design-friendly room.  Many of them, however, do little more than stand as a backdrop to a child's play.

What if you could incorporate the decor INTO the child's play time?  With the new Wallables decor we recently tried at our house, you can!  These cute 3D decorations are made form eco-friendly materials, look like a toy, and hang on the wall!  Installation is a breeze, and kids can remove them from the wall at any time to play with them (or interact with them while they are still on the wall).  We received a Buzz Lightyear model to try out, and it is currently on the wall next to my kids' beds.  They love to look at it, especially my 3-yr-old, who takes it into the living room to play with it while watching TV, then puts it back on the wall at bedtime.  He thinks it is really neat!

These new products come in different designs and are available at you local Toys R Us store.